Transporting Outsourcing Program:

We perform the following services in central

Virginia as well as central Ohio:


  • Local Pickup and Delivery

  • Expedited-Same Day Service

  • Warehouse and Crockdock Services 

  • LTL/Cartage

  • Regional Transportation

Our outsourcing program is specially designed to meet your needs in the most efficient manner. It can be as simple as supplying you one truck and driver for daily deliveries, or it can be as complex as eliminating your entire shipping department. We can even be your third party logistics provider. Our fleet of 26' box trucks and tractor-trailers can accommodate all of your shipping needs.

Your Current Costs that BEX AssumesThrough its Outsourcing Program:

  • Claims against your company for accidents

  • Recruitment and retainment of drivers (interviews, drug screening, background checks, etc.)

  • Truck and trailer lease or ownership cost

  • Truck and trailer maintenance cost

  • Fuel

  • Cost of vehicle idle time

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Cargo and liability insurance

  • Driver wages

  • Worker's compensation insurance

  • State and federal payroll taxes

  • Benefits package

  • DOT record keeping

  • Tolls

  • Routing (dispatch wages)

  • Concessions to clients

  • Fixing problems in lost business and lost time

BEX Driver Leasing Program:

BEX Logistics offers fleet staffing services. Our Driver Leasing division provides commercially licensed drivers for temporary, long term or permanent placement. The Driver Leasing program is special because it provides a qualified CDL driver to any company based on your unique situation:

  • Short-term: Vacations, sick days, etc.

  • Long-term: Leaves of absence, seasonal positions, etc.

  • Permanent Placement: Want to keep our driver, but don't want to deal with the headaches of payroll and administration.

  • Hire: Want to hire one of our drivers and add them to your payroll.


With Driver Leasing, our qualified driver operates your vehicle and can be trained by your staff. The biggest benefit to this program is that you have a pool of approximately 75 drivers that can be available to drive for you. This all but eliminates the dreaded "no-show" by a driver, which means your product will get delivered on time.


DOT, Saftey and HAZMAT, Compliance Training for Private Carriers:

Our DOT certified trainer will come to your site and train your personnel on the latest DOT, Safety and HAZMAT regulations.