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BEX Logistics, Inc; the road to success...


BEX originated in 1987 as a bicycle messenger service called Bike Express in Richmond, Virginia.  Bike Express was founded by PJ Gaier out of his apartment on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Bike Express quickly became the leader in time critical deliveries for Richmond's business community.  

Over the next 36 years, Bike Express became BEX Couriers, Inc. and is now known as BEX Logistics, Inc.  The company has expanded from two employees to over 75, with an additional locations in Columbus, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio.  


BEX Logistics, Inc. is comprised of

  • Fleet of tractor-trailers, box trucks, and vans

  • Three Crossdocking and Storage Warehouses in Ohio 

    • Columbus - 60,000 sq ft

    • Cleveland - 15,000 sq ft 

    • Cincinnati - 10,000 sq ft 

BEX Logistics, Inc relates their success to the quality of their drivers and warehouse staff, who are the backbone of their excellent customer service. 


 BEX is well-known as a regional leader in time critical transportation, and efficient and cost effective crossdocking and storage options throughout Ohio.

BEX Logistics, Inc.

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